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Machine or Human? Re-allocating work in the age of AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation promise to improve businesses in two ways. Firstly, it will transform business and IT operations more productive by transferring conventional tasks from humans to bots that can perform tedious tasks error-free. Secondly, it will allow the working force to work on tasks which require profound attention and creativity. This will result in a happier and productive team.

However, how do you create a dividing line between human work and machine work? How do you reallocate workloads that maximise team productivity, drive business towards innovation?

In the emerging, AI empowered organisation, at Depasser Infotech we have plenty of work to be done. Most of the tasks are suitable for humans where some of them are suitable for machines. Rather than having a hard boundary, we keep it virtual that is continually shifting.

We classify the tasks on the basis of cognitive and non-cognitive, and also on the basis of routine and non-routine. We are working towards automation following this classification which is a base for an intervention of AI in our work allocation.

Customer interactions over the web, automated code generations and many other repetitive tasks are done by intelligent automation which is preferably done without human intervention and human error. Our AI team is building an intelligent tool which will handle the entire project allocation work. The tasks and projects will be allocated to the team members with respect to their experience and interest in a particular domain. With machine learning, we have dramatically increased the level of automation.

Automation has opened up other and better opportunities for people.

As technology takes over these non-cognitive tasks, it has helped our team to focus on tasks that require more creative work. This includes designing user-interface, collaborating with clients for strategic partnerships to provide ideal solutions to grow their business.

We are also on the path of leveraging access to AI technology where we are building platforms for regular engineers, or even a business analyst. They can create a machine learning model in their work area, and with the date, they have access to.

Our sister company iThink Logistics is leveraging AI using NLP and chatbot based self-solution on interacting with customers. It has also developed a virtual calling assistance that can understand the language, the context and provide a real-time update.

As automation intelligence continue to acquire more human-like skills, people are looking this is human vs machine battle. We at Depasser Infotech, see this as a future where they co-exist and will ultimately result in increased productivity.

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