How tech will change marketing in 2019?

The world is digital, and it has been for a while, unless you are not so involved with digital affairs and living an isolated life. We have been watching the marketing trends that are going digital. Marketers reaching customers where they are!

Interestingly, consumers are connecting to the brands which add value to their lives through content that provides human engagement.

In past 2 to 3 years we have seen a rise in personalised campaigns dropped directly in smartphones and mobile devices. It has been statistically proved that smartphones have the highest engagement rate for marketing campaigns. It has to be a significant part of your marketing efforts in 2019. As the online environment has become faster and comes with more options, marketers need real-time data about their target audience to show them more significant ads.

However, your customers trust the people they know. They trust the content that helps them to make a wise decision than the ads. Only 9% of digital ads were viewed for more than 2 seconds last year. With digital trends and rise in content marketing, your potential to connect with your audience is boundary-less.

We are experiencing technology enabled trends with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and bots that are popping up in 2018. More and more brands are adopting these trends to build customer experience.

New marketing technologies have enabled marketers to explore and innovate new ways of marketing. Howsoever these technologies are not just limited to marketing domain; the general technological advancement will have a massive impact on marketing by 2019. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are examples of this technology advancement that has gained significant focus in marketing.

Improved customer interactions

Long gone are those days where mass marketing used to work. Today, customers seek more personalised and simple ways to connect with a brand. Machine learning promises to deliver confidence in the brand. Chatbots can make customer experience complete personal.

Being omnipresent over multiple mobile devices will have a distinct advantage. Having consistent marketing content across each device is the target any marketer should aim for.

Content curation with AI

AI does not only generate content; it can also curate the content. Content curation by AI will help you better connect with visitors by showing them more relevant content. E.g. Netflix’s recommendations for movies that you might find interesting are pretty accurate, isn’t it?

Customer segmentation

AI enables marketers to distinguish customers into different personas by understanding what motivated them.

By analysing customers based on their movement, marketers an achieve dynamic micro-segmentation to predict the future behaviour accurately. AI will take customer segmentation to the whole new level.

What you should take out of this?

As a marketer, wherever you choose to implement AI, realise that IT is soon going to reshape marketing entirely.

Since this technology is continuously evolving and unfolding, AI should be a top priority investment for industries that wish to thrive in the competitive market. Those who miss doing so, will be left behind.

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