Automation: It must be a way of life

All the buzz we hear about automation, some of it is real, and few of them are just hype, but it is certain that it has become an irreplaceable part of human life.

What is automation?

Automation is a technique of making a process or a system operate automatically.

Think about the cell phone you use, the car you drive to your workplace, the television, the computer system you use, think about any modern convenience or necessity in your surroundings. Without talented individuals and technology advancement, nothing of these would be possible.

Technology is and will continue to play a critical role in enhancing the quality of our life and business.

Automation in Business processes can be managed collectively to improve the company’s overall workflow. The organisation can achieve greater efficiency and adapt continually changing business needs. It reduces human error while clarifying job roles and responsibilities.

Technology-Enabled automation determines many different segments of business including sales, operations, human resource and so on.

Automation is not something which will take away all your job, neither it will create plenty of jobs in one go. There is no way you can escape or resist automation.

Automation is not new it has always been present since ages. Assuming we all know the essential industrial revolution happened, I am moving ahead with the topic. Today, technology is maturing in areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning which is surpassing human abilities.

Today, we can divide automation into two broad categories. A) Without intelligence. B) With intelligence.

Let me give you a brief understanding of each with an example.

You must have heard about IVR (Interactive Voice Response), it’s a technology that allows humans to interact with computers to find answers to their queries. This system enables identification, segmentation and routing of callers to the customer service agents. IVR is simple, effective and can significantly reduce cost and increase efficiency within the company.

IVR can respond to the limited query, and a human gives the input. This is the ideal example of automation without intelligence where its ability to talk to a human is restricted.

Now let’s consider Google Duplex as an example of automation with intelligence. Google Duplex is a system that accomplishes real-world tasks over the phone.

Check this out.


It is a technology that conducts natural conversations to carry-out real-world tasks.

How will intelligent automation impact your business?

Imagine 25-30% increase in productivity of your workforce! While improving productivity, intelligent automation also avoids the common human errors.

Business can achieve exponential growth with limited resources. Your primary business tasks can be performed efficiently and freeing up your employees for non-repetitive, creative jobs.

Automation and intelligence will help humans to explore more creative and thought-based tasks.

Learn how these trends can help grow your business. Move forward with intelligent-automation and let your business adapt it.

Do your research and, start investing in technology and watch your business grow.

Read its not the data, its what you do with it.

Automation and work-life balance

The prevailing opinion about the future of technology and AI is that these changes will eat up the jobs and make humans obsolete at a workplace. However, smarter heads are looking beyond this common misconception, they instead empower employees to be more efficient at a workplace and achieve work-life balance. Automation will help human to live up to full potential.


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